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22101 S Single

22101 S Single




  • 22 Ton (20 mton) Capacity

  • 4-Section 101’ (30,8 m) Proportional Boom

  • 3-Section 77’ (23,5m) Proportional Boom

  • 29’ (8,8 m) Fixed Jib

  • 29’ (8,8 m) to 52’ (15,9) Telescopic Jib

  • 139’ 10’’ (42,6 m) Maximum Tip Height

  • Self-Lubricating Slider Pads

  • Continuous Rotation

  • Retracted, Intermediate and Fully

  • Extended Outrigger Charts are Standard

  • Pilot Operated Controls

  • 2-Speed Planetary Hoist with Grooved

  • Drum and Negative Draft Flange

  • Load Moment Indicator features Digital

  • Display, CAN Bus Interface and Internal

  • Boom Length Cable (101’ boom only)

  • Hydraulic Capacity Alert System (77’ Boom only)

  • Overload Shutdown

  • Radio ATB

  • Radio Load Cell Option

  • Rugged Weatherproof Electrical

  • System with Circuit Status LEDs

  • System Pressure Gauge

  • Optional Cab; Heater and Air Conditioner options

  • Clamp-On Mounting

  • Manitex UPTime Comprehensive Support



Inverted T-cross section, 3 or 4-section telescoping type, extended and retracted proportionally by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder and cable-crowd system. Equipped with easily replaceable teflon-plugged nylatron wear pads for smooth operation.

22101S 4-section 29’6”(9m) to 101’-6”(30,9m). 1-Section, 29’ (8,8 m) jib

2277S – 3-section 29’ (8.8 m) to 77’ (23,5 m). 1-Section, 29’ (8,8 m) or 2-Section 29’ (8,8 m) -52’ (15,9 m) jib options


Quick Reeve Boom Point – Three high-density nylon load sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings. Two removable pin-type rope guards.

Boom Elevation – Double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Working range from 9.5° below horizontal to 80.5° above.

Load Hook – 5-ton (4,5 mton) capacity hook with heavyduty swivel and weight is provided for single-line operation.



Maximum theoretical line speed 300 fpm (91 mpm). Maximum theoretical bottom-layer line pull 11,500 lb (5 216 kg).
Two-speed planetary reducer with wet multidisc spring applied, pressure-released internal brake and grooved drum.

Wire Rope – 300’ (91,4 m) of 9/16” (14,3 mm) diameter 6 X 25 EIPS IWRC.

Externally mounted, double-reduction planetary gearbox driven by hydraulic motor. Maximum swing speed 1.5 rpm. Spring-applied hydraulically-released Parking Brake. Ball-bearing swing circle with external gear. Continuous rotation is standard. Manitex ACCUSwing control allows operator to adjust crane swing speed up to a maximum of 1.5 rpm (nominal).

Out-and-down style outriggers, operated independently for precise leveling. Fully extended, intermediate extension and fully retracted positions. 12” (305 mm) diameter floats. Bubble level located near outrigger controls.

Lower frame is mounted to chassis by threaded rods and clamp plates. No welding, drilling, or bolting to truck frame is required.

Lower Frame – Torsion resistant, rigid 4-plate design with integrated outrigger and pedestal.

Rear Underride Protection – Supplied on factory mounted cranes. Fabricated structure mounted at rear of carrier. Complies with Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety Standard 393.86.

Boom Rest – Heavy-duty fabrication, removable.

Single operator platform and seat mounted to turret. Four “pilot operated” single-axis crane controls provide precise metering and multifunction capability. Swing is further refined using Manitex ACCUSwing control to allow setting to individual operator preference. Controls are arranged in accordance with ANSI B30.5 standards. The operator station also includes engine start/stop, air foot throttle, signal horn, load moment indicator display, boom angle indicator, load chart and range diagram. Enclosed cab optional, heater and air conditioner options also available.

Hydraulic System –  A 3-section pump direct-mounted to power take-off on truck transmission provides 32 gpm (123 lpm) to the hoist, 21 gpm (78 lpm) to the boom hoist and telescope circuit, and 10 gpm (38 lpm) to the swing and outrigger circuit. 70-gallon (265 liter) baffled hydraulic reservoir with strainer and 25-micron filter in the return line. Ball-type shutoff valve and strainer are provided in suction line. Use of SAE O-ring and face seal O-ring hydraulic fittings throughout system.

Hydraulic Cylinders – All load-holding cylinders are equipped with integral holding valves.


Hydraulic Capacity Alert System (HYCAS) – For model 2277S; hydraulically senses boom hoist cylinder pressure, audio warning indicates overload condition and overload shutoff feature prevents continuing overload.

Load Moment Indicator (LMI) – For model 22101S; CAN bus system maximize expansion capabilities. Senses boom hoist cylinder pressure, boom length and boom angle. Audio-visual warning indicates overload conditions and overload shutoff feature prevents continuing overload. Operator can access all load conditions via display at the operator station. Internal boom length cable.

Radio Anti-Two-Block System – Audible warning and shutoff functions prevent hook from contacting boom point.

Back-Up Alarm – Electronic audible motion alarm activated when truck transmission is in reverse gear.

Radio Load Cell – Required option on HYCAS machines for jib operations, includes wireless transmitter and receiver/display. Screen displays weight of load on crane hook; intended as an operator aid, helps prevent against jib overloads.

Electrical – State-of-the-art, weather-resistant components throughout. Hermetically sealed power in relays. Enclosure includes power in relays and circuit status LEDs. Designed to withstand high pressure washing and varying climates.

Design/Welding – Design conforms to ANSI B30.5. Welding conforms to AWS D1.1. Tested to SAE 1063 and SAE 765.

Manuals – Operator / maintenance and parts manuals depict correct crane operation, maintenance procedures and parts listing.

Warranty – 12-month warranty covers parts and labor resulting from defects in material and workmanship.

Note: In order to ensure continuous improvement, specifications may change without notice.


Better Product…Better Payback.

2277S General Specifications

Nominal Rating

22 tons @5’ (19,958 kg @ 1.524 m)

Capacity @ 10' Radius(3.0m)   28,140 lbs (12,764 kg) 
Capacity @ 30' Radius (9.1m)   8,770 lbs. (3,978 kg)
Capacity @ 60' Radius (18.3m)   2,680 lbs. (1215 kg)
Maximum Tip Height   138’ 3” (42,1m) 
Front Outrigger Spread   19' 9.75" (6.04 m)  
Rear Stabilizer Spread   19' 9.75" (6.04 m)  
Quick Reeve Boom Point   STD  
Capacity Alert System   LMI Externally Wired Anti-Two-Block
Overload Shut-Off   STD  
Total Crane Weight   17,579 lbs. (7,973 kg)  

22101S General Specifications

Nominal Rating

22 tons @5’ (19,958 kg @ 1.524 m)

Capacity @ 10' Radius(3.0m)   28,140 lbs (12,764 kg)
Capacity @ 30' Radius (9.1m)   10,600 lbs. (4,808 kg)
Capacity @ 60' Radius (18.3m)   3,450 lbs. (1,564 kg)
Maximum Tip Height   139’ 7” (42,5m)
Front Outrigger Spread   19' 9.75" (6.04 m)  
Rear Stabilizer Spread   19' 9.75" (6.04 m)  
Quick Reeve Boom Point   STD  
Capacity Alert System   LMI Radio Anti-Two-Block
Overload Shut-Off   STD  
Total Crane Weight   18,903 lbs. (8,574 kg)  


  TC220 Product Guide TC220 Product Guide   [1690 KB]
  22101S Specs Sheet 22101S Specs Sheet   [722 KB]
  22101S Load Chart 22101S Load Chart   [280 KB]


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